Supplier information

Supplier Requirements

Just as we place very high demands on ourselves as suppliers to our customers, we also make high demands on our suppliers. These are requirements relating to quality, environment, work environment, order and reason, and how we act within the company and towards our customers and partners.

Areas such as safety, health, environment and quality are keywords and something that we value highly within Kanonaden Entreprenad. We want to be the best and it requires everyone we work with to strive in the same direction, whether you are a co-worker, subcontractor, business partner or supplier. For us it is important that you support our values ​​and code of conduct.


Kanonaden Entreprenad should be in the lead within sustainable construction. We prioritize the environment at all levels within the company. In order for us to be a prominent company in the field of environmental work, you, as a supplier and business partner, also need to share our ambition and comply with all the environmental requirements we work for. We work for a sustainable construction business and a sustainable society, as well as developing tomorrow’s green solutions.

Work environment and safety

It is important that all our employees enjoy themselves, have respect for each other and have fun at work. You will be able to feel safe when working as a co-worker, subcontractor or supplier with us within Kanonaden Entreprenad. We work preventively so that everyone can go home after work with good mood and health, so it is important that you comply with all our general rules and regulations when working within the Kanonaden Entreprenad service areas.

Delivery Information

As a supplier to Kanonaden Entreprenad, it is important to ensure where your delivery is to be shipped. We have several offices around Sweden, but importantly, we have even more workplaces that materials and goods are to be sent to. It is therefore your duty as a supplier to control how a delivery will be shipped to us, labeled and which recipient will be receiving the delivery.

Kanonaden Entreprenad AB Invoice E-Mail:

Kanonaden Entreprenad Mälardalen AB Invoice E-Mail:

Invoice Adress: Bockängsgatan 2, 571 38  Nässjö


All invoices to us at Kanonaden Entreprenad must contain a project reference numbers with detailed description of what the invoice refers to. The invoices must be mailed to the respective e-mail address above, in order for you as a supplier to be paid on time. We reserve a prompt reply from you as a supplier if we have questions regarding your invoices to us.