About Kanonaden

The business idea of Kanonaden Entreprenad is to be cost-effective in all parts of the process. By focusing on several technology areas, we create added value for both our customers and ourselves. We have established ourselves as the reliable, flexible and efficient construction company, which simultaneously offers a large company’s expertise and strength in major and more complex projects. We are prepared to create a good working environment and that our production is conducted in an environmentally sound manner.

Our employees’ expertise and dedication is our most important resource. We are proud to have all the skills within the company, such as engine drivers, projectors, engineers and others. In addition to traditional construction work, we have specialized in field work on the expansion of energy facilities; for example in the form of district heating, cabling, wind and combined heat and power plants. Our headquarters are located in Nässjö, Jönköping County. We also have offices in Tranås, Västervik and Kalmar. Our workshop for construction machinery is located in Tranås.
The company has 160 employees and has a turnover of approximately SEK 630 million.

Our History

Kanonaden Entreprenad AB was founded in 2003 by Olof Salling and Kenneth Karlsson. In 2008, Ola Forsell was employed as CEO.

The company’s growth has been high from the start. From being specialized in mainly district heating, we have today a wide range of services in the field of construction, construction, cabling, casting and toning. The focus is on carrying out construction assignments in connection with various energy investments such as wind turbines, high-voltage grids and combined heat and power plants.

Our customers appreciate our high quality and service level where the work is carried out on time at the agreed price. We have the ability and capacity to provide services at a nationwide level, with the same quality and service that competing companies can offer in their local organizations. Our employees are by far the most important asset and success factor. Entrepreneurship, expertise and specialization contribute to the flexible and efficient implementation of the projects. The age structure within the company is beneficial, which creates potential for continued organic growth with good profitability.

Spring 2017 established a subsidiary, Kanonaden Enterprenad Mälardalen AB, which operates in the same segment as the parent company but with other geography. Mälardalen is with the larger resorts Örebro, Västerås and Uppsala is an expansive area which at the same time has close proximity to the Stockholm market. The CEO of the new subsidiary is Peter Ek. Since February 2017, Kanonaden Entreprenad has included the Norwegian AF Group, which is one of Norway’s leading companies in construction and construction. Together we create good opportunities to be part of the growing construction market in Sweden!

Company Owner

Since February 2017, Kanonaden Entreprenad has been a part of AF-Gruppen, which is one of Norway’s leading companies in construction

AF-Gruppen is the third largest contractor in Norway, with several subsidiaries in Norway and Sweden, with the aim of growing in the Swedish market. Through the acquisition of Kanonaden, they are one step closer to achieving the financial target of sales of 20 billion by 2020! Together we create good opportunities to be part of the growing construction market in Sweden. AF-Gruppen currently owns 70% of Kanonaden Entreprenad and other shares are held by key personnel in the management.

Kanonaden Entreprenad Mälardalen AB was founded in 2017 and 55% is owned by the parent company. Similarly, the remaining shares of Kanonaden Entreprenad Mälardalen is owned by key personnel in the management.

Core Values

In order to create added value for our customers, we have identified the most important values ​​in our daily work:


Business ethics, skills and professionalism are the keywords in our daily work. By establishing a trustworthy dialogue with you as a customer, your wishes become clear. Thus we can respond to each individual project with the right skills and equipment and ensure good planning.


Our organization is characterized by a non-bureaucratic way of working with short decision-making processes. This means that we can meet your wishes, whether the conditions change during a project, or if there are special needs in the project from the beginning.


Focusing on our business areas and continually increasing our skills strengthens our competitiveness and thus added value to you as a customer. We want our employees to be committed and involved in the business and thus contribute to our positive development.

Quality and Environment

Environmental considerations are a natural part of our decision-making process. We aim to reduce the use of fossil fuels, and we make great efforts to protect the environment throughout our area of ​​activities. By being active and foreseeable in planning and collaboration with our customers, we can work more efficiently and thereby reduce environmental impact. Continuous training and updating of the machine park also contributes positively.

The success of Kanonaden Entreprenad is based on our good reputation, where our philosophy is to always do a good job at the right price. The combination of driven, experienced employees and modern machines enables us to maximize production with retained quality. Our corporate culture, with effective decision-making and proven practices, makes it possible. In 2018-2019 we will conduct formal environmental certifications (ISO 14001: 2015), Quality (ISO 9001: 2015) and Work Environment. We have already implemented the structure and way of working in the above certificate.